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Feedback and Thank You's on CJ's 1st Bratz Birthday Party at Jollibee McKinley Branch

This is an overdue post about my feedback on CJ’s birthday party supplies. I made an earlier post to thank all our friends and relatives who were able to make it to the party. You can click on this link for that thank you post.
Here goes my feedback:

1.Venue and Setup – Jollibee McKinley Branch
I already knew that Jollibee offers Bratz Pixies as one of its party themes. Considering our limited budget and the fact that everyone loves Jollibee, this venue was for us a perfect choice.

We initially wanted to hold CJ’s birthday bash at Jollibee The Fort branch. But after going there to inquire about their packages, we got a bit frustrated..

Reasons for our disappointment:

  • There was only one slot available for the September 20 event so we had very limited choice on the time of our occasion.
  • The manager mentioned that they do not offer any other themes anymore except for the Jollitown character themes. I was upset after hearing this since I have already started creating my Bratz themed layouts for CJ’s banner and favors with thank you notes. Worst is, he mentioned that all Jollibee branches now are only offering the Jollitown character themed birthday party.

However, since we always pass by Jollibee McKinley branch, I know that that guy we just talked to was probably misinformed because I just saw the McKinley branch hold a Bratz themed party a week before we went to The Fort branch.

To cut the story short, we went to McKinley branch and reserved the 4-6pm time on September 20. We were so fortunate that nobody yet has reserved for an event on that day=)

The party package we got already included 30pcs of balloons and Bratz themed party supplies such as the party hat, name tag, banner, loot bags, prizes, plus a gift for the birthday celebrant.

We were so happy that we decided to hold the party at Jollibee McKinley branch. Everyone enjoyed the entire time because the two party host were amazing! They really knew how to make the party fun and full of life. I personally enjoyed Jollibee's four wishes because he always dances before and after he gives his wish.

2.CJ’s dress – Muńeca from
This dress was given as a gift from my aunt Becky. Both my two girls had exactly the same design. I wanted both of them to wear it on the event so that the elder one won’t feel at lost. These dresses looked so fabulous on them. It even has an underwear to match the gown. Thanks for these gowns ninang Becky!

3.CJ’s shoesBaby Shoes from SM Makati
We were already set to buy CJ’s shoes from Chicco. But since my two girls are wearing the same outfit, I thought it would be nice if they too wore the same kind of shoes. Unfortunately, the cute Chicco shoes we saw doesn’t have a size that would fit her sister’s so we opted to look for another one. Luckily, we saw this adorable pair of shoes that both has CJ and Missy’s size. The color of the shoes perfectly blended with their dress. We also bought the black knee high stockings from SM. I could probably say that both the shoes and the stockings were comfortable on them cause they would normally remove it if incase the stockings made them itch or if the shoes didn’t fit right.

4.CJ’s Cake – Max’s The Bake Shop and Kitchen Krafts
CJ had two cakes on that day and I was so blessed that those cakes were sponsored by two of her godparents. We were not able to distribute it on the venue though since Jollibee prohibits distribution of edible items other than those they have. Anyway, we shared the cakes to some of our guests and neighbors when we got home. Without doubt both cakes were yummy! I enjoyed eating Kitchen Krafts's cake because it was moist and not too sweet. I also heard lots of complements from Max's Caramel Butter cake. Thanks for the cake ninang Lourdes and ninang Che..!

5.Banner, Favors & Thank You notes : My DIYs!
I created the layout of the banner, Cj’s images on the favors, and the thank you note using Adobe Photoshop. I had the banner printed at Signex for a very cheap price=). The printed copy was a bit darker that expected though. So, incase you plan to have your banners printed by them, maybe in would look better if you give them a bit brighter image.

Since the thank you note was in a form of a picture and was not covered or protected by any plastic or frame, I decided to have them printed at the Kodak kiosk. I’ve heard that pictures that gets printed from these kiosks are water proofed and has lifetime warranty (from dust and lost of color due to age). Sweet..!

We bought the favors from Divi mall in bulk for an incredibly cheap cost. Like what I mentioned on my previous post, a piece of this favor would cost you Php50.00 in Market! Market!. The ones we got were 50% lesser than that! Another cheap buy for us;-)

6.Photographer – Tita Lala
Due to our limited budget, we had no choice but to utilize our own digital camera. Thank God my cousin offered to take the pictures on that day. Thanks tita Lala..!

Unfortunately, some of the images didn't come out well since the camera had low resolution. For this reason, I just though of grouping the images into a digital scrapbook pages.

Hope you enjoy looking at the pictures as everyone enjoyed the event.=)

Carrie Justine’s 1st Birthday Party
NOTE: For a bigger view of the images, please double click on the slide show above.

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