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Taking pictures! I've enjoyed doing this for quite some time now but never really had the chance to buy a good camera. Anyhow, now that I have a digital camera along with me, i'll try to show you how I see things my way.=)

Take a peek at my new pHoto bLog!

Part 3: Missy and CJ's Rockstar Princess themed Birthday Party

The final backdrop layout. I so love it!

This is the last series of my post re: our party preparation for our two daughter's coming Rockstar Princess themed party.

It's exactly a month and a day more to go before our girls' big day! Honestly, am sooo excited!

Here's my updated check list..
1. Balance for the side entertainment, host magician , and photographer are already ready (thanks to ninang robe, ninong leo, and ninang lourdes for the extra help este gift:) )

2. The cupcake boxes for the favors are already bought and almost ready. Cupcake na lang and kulang!

3. Missy and Cj's outfits have already been bought last weekend. Shoes to follow this coming weekend. We got it from SM Megamall. Daddy chose the items and his fashion statement.. Simple Pero Rock. The tutus I made are big no no daw sabi ni daddy.. lol :)

4. Backdrop and welcome tarps have already been printed.

5. AVP is already done. Thanks to tito dop for the help (eto na ba ang gift?hehehe)

6. Styro guitars for the table centerpiece are ready for painting

7. Taste test done last week. My favorite was the pork, veg, dessert, and chicken=)

Hmm... So with these, my final to-do's would only be the following:

1. Remind the caterer a week before the party that:
- we need 7 more tables for the dessert bar, cupcake tower, cake, gifts, prizes, lootbags, and registration area
- we need to use their overhead screen projector for the AVP
- remove the free floral table centerpiece (as advised by Party Boosters) and instead add floral decoration on the dessert bar, cupcake tower, and cake tables (is this too much to ask na ba??hahaha)

2. Buy nuts and chips for pica-pica (to be served by service crews)

3. Buy litro pack iced teas for extra drinks since the caterer's package only includes one serving of iced tea. The iced tea will be made and served by the service crews. Cool huh?

4. Buy edible treats as addition to the kid's loot bags

5. Buy stuff for Pabitin game

6.Go to Rustan's, Toy's R Us, Toy Kingdom, and SM Baby Co. to have our kids registered for their wishlist so guests who plan to come won't have a hard time guessing what gift they want to buy.. Thanks in advance na rin!=) . This is done!

A week before..

6. Remind our online buddies about the party. Also, distribute the invitation to those guest without facebook account. Now I see how important it is to have an fb account, lesser expenses on the invite! lol

7. Look for a friend who can lend me her curling iron for my girls. Anyone..??

A day before..

7. Remind the suppliers about the party

8. Bake dessert treats, cupcakes,and cake (so dami ng DIY ni mommy. Buti na lang supportive si daddy sa pagbili ng mga needed ingredients and materials and matyaga si yaya magligpit ng

Oh gosh.. how come it looks like I still need to do a lot!?!?

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  1. Just saw the final version of the backdrop! Love it! How did you go about getting that done?


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