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Must haves for your Baby's Medicinal Kit

Since I have a number of new moms and moms to be viewers on this blog, I thought that it might be helpful to share my ideal must haves for a baby's medicinal kit. These items I'm sharing are my well tested and pedia-subscribed items that I'm sure is also commonly found on medicine cabinets from other experienced moms out there.

1. Desitin - It's an anti-diaper rash cream that helps prevent diaper rash. Note that this cream is quite strong for baby's delicate skin so make sure to put only a small amount of this product on your baby.

2. Petroleum Jelly - Before, I only use this one as a lip balm and skin moisturizer. But I've been hearing from my mom that this one is also a good anti-diaper rash cream. So one time when we were out of Desitin, I tried using this cream on my youngest baby and was surprised that it does have a good effect on her. It did prevent the rashes from spreading further and I didn't have to worry on how much cream to put on her since it's just a mild cream.

3. Travacort - This is an anti-fungal/steriod cream that can be used together with an anti-diaper rash cream. I use this product to cure my babies diaper rash. And I must say that this is really my best must have at home.

4. Tempra - For emergency cases, it is always best to have Tempra drops (for 0-1 yr only babies) or syrup (for 2+ yrs old) on your baby's medicinal kit. This product lowers your baby's high temperature if he/she has a fever.

5. Betadine - This is an anti-bacterial solution that is generally used to wash open-cut wounds. We can never tell if our babies get caught up in an accident that's why I always have this one on mine. Note that it is not advised to use alcohol to clean open-cut wounds so use this one instead.

6. Chamomile Oil (Acete de Mansanilla) - This solution is used for gas pain and is specially essential for those with new born babies as they tend to experience gas pain more often that the older babies.

If I missed out on anything, send me your comments=) I'd love to know what's in your baby's medicine cabinets too!

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  1. my 2yo baby has a g6pd. one of the things that shud b avoided is using a peppermint... i noticed that my mother s proud of applying acete de mansanilla to my baby evry afternoon... isn't that peppermint & chamomile(acete) of the same species? shud i stop using or exposing my baby from scent of acete de mansanilla becuse he hs g6pd? me pls...thanks, confused mom.


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