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Recovering from the Measle Virus

my baby cj while she was confined in the hospital and being treated from measles and suspected pneunomiaMy family and I just arrived home last night from an unexpected vacation at our province. Reason for the long break: our youngest daughter also got infected with the Measle virus.

On one of my posts three weeks ago, I mentioned that one of my daughter is having a vacation in our province coz I didn't want her to catch the measle virus that her elder sister had. But it looked liked my decision was too late. Based from a nursing book entitled Communicable Diseases which i've just started reading yesterday, the Measle virus spreads strongest four days before the Measle starts and three days after the rashes show up. So this probably means my youngest girl already got some virus with her even before they went to the province.

One sad thing that happened though was that she got confined in the hospital due to Pneumonia, which is also one of the complications that can occur due to the Measle virus. I don't know how good the pedia is in that hospital but what i didn't like is that the only prescriptions given for my daughter were for her cough (Mucosolvan), for her Pneumonia (Anti-Bacterial), and fever (Tempra) just incase her temperature goes above the normal condition.

When i was looking and feeling my daughter's condition, it looked like there were dried mucus on her nose which is causing her not to sleep and breath well. For this, I still had to ask the doctor to provide nebulizer and subscribe something to relieve her colds. The doctor agreed and gave prescriptions for this. After 2 rounds of nebulization(i don't know the term), her colds was gone! Another thing i expected the pedia to advice was an antiviral medicine to fight the Measle virus fast. But the doctor didn't give any medications for this.. Good thing we still have a half bottle full of the antiviral syrup which was prescribed by our daughter's pedia in Healthway. I really want to thank Dr. Noreen Serrano for prescribing this antiviral syrup. It really helped finish the spread of the Measle virus quickly!

By the way, I know that it's not right, but i gave this medicine to my daughter without the doctor's knowledge. But after giving continuous dosage of the antiviral syrup to my daughter, the measle rashes subsided in just two days. With this, the Pedia doctor got suspicious and said that it looked like my daughter only got roseola and not measle virus. Hahahaha

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