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Taking pictures! I've enjoyed doing this for quite some time now but never really had the chance to buy a good camera. Anyhow, now that I have a digital camera along with me, i'll try to show you how I see things my way.=)

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What was the first sport you loved?

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ice skating competition, my first loved sport
The first sport I enjoyed was skating=) My interest started when I watched a figure ice skating competition from a VHS tape that my grandma recorded in US. I was really amazed at how graceful the contestants dance, swing, lift, turn, and spin as they do their choreographed exhibitions.. But I never though that I would have the chance to learn how to skate since the one I saw was ice skating and, back then, I though there was definitely no way for a tropical country like ours to have an ice skating rink.

Anyway, I started learning how to skate when I met my good friend Annabelle who incidentally had a pair of roller skates (which I assumed was given to her by her mom who was working in US). During that time you wouldn't find anyone selling roller skate shoes in our place.. so this friend of mine was like the instrument that opened back my interest in this sport. I enjoyed and loved skating since then so I asked my kind aunt to buy me a pair of skate shoes from US. I remember I was sooooo excited when I got that Barbie roller skates shoes!

Burnham Park Outdoor Skating Rink
burnham park skating rink
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I think I was already on my 4th or 5th grade when roller skating became a hit in Baguio City. There was already an indoor skating gym at Camp John Hay and an outdoor skating rink at Burnham Park. So when inline skates / roller blades was introduced in the Philippines, I knew that it wouldn't be that hard to learn. And I got more excited when I came to know that SM Megamall developed an indoor ice skating rink! Thanks to the genius developers of this technology that allowed people to skate on ice anytime of the year:) I've only tried ice skating there four times though and three instances of which I just went there to teach my cousin, my niece, and my friend to ice skate. But now that we have an Olympic-sized ice skating rink at SM Mall of Asia, I'm planning to teach my two daughters this sport when they're ready so that we will all enjoy doing this sport together. And if in case we see that any of our daughters enjoy and would love to be trained on this sport to compete, we'd surely be glad to support it.

SM Mall of Asia Ice Skating Rink
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So, tell me what was the first sport you loved? I'd be happy to hear about your experiences too:)

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