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How I Lost Weight and literally removed 5 Inches on my Waist in 3-4 months!

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Hello there guys! I almost failed to shared with you my secrets on how I lost weight and removed 5 inches on my waist within a span of 3-4 months. I'm not kidding. So if you're into a strict, depressing, and looks like it's now working diet, you might want to try my tricks and see results that you never imagined could happen.

I started dieting for real when I was on my second year of college. Those were the days when being skinny was the "in" thing. I am itemizing my tips into two. One would contain a list of my healthy tips, and another my not so healthy but will make your fats burn faster tip.=)

Here's are my suggestions for those healthy dieters out there:
1. Don't eat rice. Instead, substitute rice with complex carbo foods such as sweet potatoes, oatmeal, cereals, wheat bread. This makes you full instantly because it is high on dietary fiber and at the same time it is a good source of energy.

2. Don't eat the yolk of the egg because this is high on cholesterol. Instead, eat lots and lots of egg white. Egg white is know to contain complete protein which is essential in the fat burning process.

3. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. This is similar to my no. 1 tip. Since vegetables and fruits are high on dietary fiber, it helps you feel full all the time. Plus it's good on your health and body because as everyone knows these foods are rich in vitamins and minerals.

4. Eat white meats (like chicken and fish) instead of red meats (like pork, beef, goat, veal, venison, lamb, mutton, rabbit, buffalo meat, and beefalo). Red meats gets slowly digested and contains more saturated fats and cholesterol than white meats.

5. Eat less sugary foods like chocolate, ice cream, cake, and candies because these are carbohydrates that can turn into fats once you exceed your normal calorie consumption and not burn these carbos through exercise.

6. Regularly exercise! Exercise burns your fat and consumes the calories you have stored from the foods you ate.

7. Give yourself a break. Assign a day (probably Saturday or Sunday) where you can eat anything you want like chocolates, cakes, or ice cream. Do not eat plenty of these though. Just eat some so you don't feel like you're depriving yourself from the foods you love eating.

And here's another thing I did to remove my fats quicker (not very recommended, specially for those with gastrointestinal problems)
- Buy a slimming coffee or tea from the drug store and drink 3 coffee/tea bags a day or after every meal. I personally use Bavarian Coffee. Note that these slimming coffees/teas have diarrhea like effects which causes dehydration and weight loss. With these, it is advisable to drink lots of water and eat lots of healthy foods like the ones I mentioned above.

There goes my tips. Let me know if this helps you alright? Happy dieting!

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  1. hey !.. nice plan out there. I have followed a one week diet plan which was almost the same. It had made me loose weight but now i will add that tea part of yours and rediet to see the changes!
    Thanks for sharing the info. Keep blogging such stuff.

  2. I admire people who make it a point to be healthy! And for sharing it to everyone else too... I'm sure you'll be an inspiration to everyone who reads this post.


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