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Learning Alphabets, Numbers, Shapes, Colors, and More!

learning alphabets, numbers, shapes, colors, and more
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When did your toddler start learning about alphabets, numbers, shapes, colors, and the other stuff which normally is taught during preschool education? This post is not intended to brag about my eldest daughter. But as a mom, it is so much fulfilling to know that your two year old daughter already knows all these basic stuff even without the help of school teachers.

Missy is only two years and a month old. But at her early age she can identify colors such as the ones mentioned below:
  1. Pink (pronounces by her as Ping-t),
  2. Yellow,
  3. Red,
  4. Orange (pronounced by her as Owaynge),
  5. Blue,
  6. White (pronounces by her as Wyt),
  7. Black,
  8. Green, and
  9. Brown (which I heard her say just today as she pointed to a brown colored print on my shirt)
She can also clearly recognize shapes like the heart, circle, triangle (which she nicely pronounces as trayngol), diamond, square, and rectangle.

As for the numbers, she has already started counting from one to three since her first year. But now she is able to unmistakably count alone from one to seven (big thanks to Dora’s The Seven Seas song!).

Hey don’t think that she can already sing the Alphabet Song at this age! She’s not that genius yet! But, what I like about her alphabet is that she can cleanly pronounce each of the letters while I say it to her. And, she knows how to spell her nickname, which she does by reciting each letter M-I-S-S-Y and then ending it will a long shout of Mmmmmissy!

She also knows most of the parts on the face and some body parts too like the ones mentioned below:
  1. Eyes,
  2. Ears,
  3. Nose,
  4. Teeth,
  5. Tongue,
  6. Hair,
  7. Head,
  8. Neck,
  9. Shoulders,
  10. Knees, and
  11. Toes (I’m sure you can already guess what song she can sing with these body parts)

We started inculcating all this basic stuff to her since birth. Pointing to colors on her surroundings and telling her what color it is subconsciously retains this little learning in her mind. Counting numbers while dressing her up is also another technique.

I am also thankful that nowadays we have educational DVDs, educational/musical toys that teaches basic shapes; numbers; and colors (thanks to their Chicco, Fisher Price, and VTEC toys), and hardbound books that helps us in teaching these basic stuff in a more enjoyable way.

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  1. hello..hope u dont mind if i copy this to my blog - "learning alphabet, numbers, shapes & colors" cute you have 2 lil girls now :)


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