My new found hobby..

Taking pictures! I've enjoyed doing this for quite some time now but never really had the chance to buy a good camera. Anyhow, now that I have a digital camera along with me, i'll try to show you how I see things my way.=)

Take a peek at my new pHoto bLog!

DIY Preps for my little CJ's coming 1st birthday: Part 2

This is a continuation of a previous post I made last month.

I'm starting to get really excited coz it's only a few more weeks to go before CJ's birthday! Here's a list of what we've added to the preparation:

1. For the Cake - I've already called up Kitchen Krafts to explain what design I have in mind. The invoice have already been faxed to me. Payment will be deposited to their account within this month.

2. For the souvenirs - We bought a few boxes of picture clipper from Divi mall. I was so happy for choosing those as my souvenirs coz I saw exactly the same thing at Market! Market! which costs 50PHP each. The ones I bought were more than 50% cheaper than that!

3. To make my daughter's souvenirs personal, I bought sticker papers at National Bookstore so I can print her pictures and stick it on the picture clippers.

4. We have already reserved the 4-6pm slot at Jollibee McKinley. When we got there last week, I was happy to find out that no one has reserved a schedule for that day yet which is a bit weird for me coz I thought a lot of kids are born on September.=)Check out Jollibee's website if you'd like to find out more about their party packages.

5. I found a cute white chicco shoes for CJ which we plan to get a week before her birthday. But i'm still looking for a pair of shoes for Missy. Hope i can find one that looks similar to the one i'm getting for CJ..


  1. Hi sis,
    How's the birthday party planning? Joqui will be celebrating his birthday sa Jollibee din sa December. ;) Can I ask for the contact number of Kitchen Krafts? Hindi ko kasi alam kung san sila mako-contact eh. Thanks a bunch!

  2. hi sis! naku, excited na ko sa party. nagbook na kami last weekend. lapit na rin matapos DIY's ko. Wow! Lapit na rin pala ng 2nd birthday ni Joaqui.. Here's the contact no. of Kitchen Kraft -->5335288. Good luck sa preps=) God bless!


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