My new found hobby..

Taking pictures! I've enjoyed doing this for quite some time now but never really had the chance to buy a good camera. Anyhow, now that I have a digital camera along with me, i'll try to show you how I see things my way.=)

Take a peek at my new pHoto bLog!

Wedding at Casa Manila Patio, Intramuros Manila

I so enjoyed this wedding we catered to last Friday, Feb 27 2009. The entire program was a blast! The emcee which i believe was also the event coordinator even sang for the couple.

Their guests were like from all over the country. And since they also had guests who came all the way from Cebu, talented guests including the bride's mom sang for the wedded couple. They even included our chocolate fountain as part of their program=) Indeed a very sweet and romantic wedding..

The venue was outside though and it was a bit windy reason why some of the chocolate fondues were scattered on the silk fountain base skirts.

The couple got our Platinum Package. They chose pink and milk chocolate fondue with chocolate wafer stick, mallows, breadstick, mini-donuts, churros, apple, melon, banana, and strawberry for their dippings. They also requested for yellow and pink sprinkles, mini candy coated choco drops, and grated cheese for their add-ons.=)

More pictures from our site.

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