My new found hobby..

Taking pictures! I've enjoyed doing this for quite some time now but never really had the chance to buy a good camera. Anyhow, now that I have a digital camera along with me, i'll try to show you how I see things my way.=)

Take a peek at my new pHoto bLog!

Desserts and Lots of Fun on CJ's 2nd Birthday at home and at Fun Ranch!

We had a two-day birthday bash for our youngest daughter on the night of September 18 (her real birthday) and afternoon of the next day.

I made caramel cake for her cake blowing, and cheesecake which I chose to bake in a big square pan (para hindi nakakaumay) as an extra dessert. Hubby made his best selling spaghetti. We also served nachos with swiss fondue and chipotle salsa(you should try this one!).

I was still baking that night of her birthday for her second party celebration the next day.

The Sanrio themed cupcakes (theme which was specially requested by her lola ninang lourdes) I made were all Carrot Walnut cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting. They were supposed to be topped with carrot shaped royal icing candies but my two naughty daughters saw and ate them already that's why I decided to substitute it with real shredded carrots=)

I also made banana toffee cupcake for those guest who are not fond of eating vegetable
So happy that the new icing tip that I got from SweetCrafts gave out lovely looking cupcake icing. CJ's mini cake for her cake blowing part 2 was also banana toffee flavored.

Since, we didn't want to consume time for food preparation, we decided to buy Pancit Bihon/Canton and Pork Barbeque from Ineng's. We wanted to get Pancit Malabon from Amber's but no one was answering when I dialed their number..

Here's CJ (wearing her hello kitty shirt from lola ninang lourdes=) thanks ninang!) with her lolo papa.

Here's her two grannies=)
Here's tita robe, daddy, and ate missy
Here's ate missy, daddy, and tita ayra

Her part 2 candle blowing=)

It's time to eat!=)

After the short merienda party at home( and after the rain poured out blessings that day..) we instantly went to Fun Ranch Pasig (beside Tiendesita's) to treat everyone for an afternoon til night of rides!!! Yipee!

Mommy, ate missy, tito, tita's and the birthday girl=)
lola, lolo, tita lala, tita gigi, and the cute birthday girl=)

Here are some pictures taken as we rode on the mini ferry's wheel

tita ayra, ate missy, and lolo papa

mommy and cj
another picture of me and cj. see how brave she is? definitely not afraid of heights!

pictures taken while they're riding on the bumper car
daddy and ate missy, lolo papa and tito rom-j, tita drika and cj, and tita ayra
here's cj pleading to go back for another ride at the bumper car=)

Pictures taken as they rode the mini carousel=)

here's cj and tita drika

here's daddy and ate missy, and trailing behind their horse
Another shot of daddy and ate missy
tita ayra looking a bit scared?
enjoying her horsy ride
cousin kuya laurence and tito rom-j
tita lala and ate missy

Pictures taken while we rode the mini airplanes

mommy and cj. I sooo enjoyed this ride!

Pictures taken as we rode the bumber boats. Another one of our favorite rides! This ride is located near the Blue Whale Grill

Here's tita drika and cj

Pictures taken while they rode the Mini Teacup Ride, an indoor ride located just above the Mercury Drug Store

a picture of tita ayra and ate missy taken at the indoor mini golf course

Pictures taken on the hanging bridge

Daddy's 3 baby siblings.sino kamukha ni manong?=)

Pictures of ate missy and kuya laurence at the baby bumper boat

who's that boy? love at first sight ba ito?lol

Pictures taken while we were riding on the Mini Train. It's really moving and turning around two parallel buildings=)

Some more of our family pictures
And then went for another bumper car ride!hahaha
And another ride on the mini plane! weeee!

Here, missy's skills in colors, letters, shapes, and numbers were being tested by this woman.
The woman was amazed that missy was able to give correct answer to all the questions given to her at that age of 3!=) Am so proud of my daughter=)
Actually even CJ can answer to some of the questions(specifically letters and number. we're working on learning shapes and colors pa)

This ends our fun and exhaustive birthday celebration!=)

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