My new found hobby..

Taking pictures! I've enjoyed doing this for quite some time now but never really had the chance to buy a good camera. Anyhow, now that I have a digital camera along with me, i'll try to show you how I see things my way.=)

Take a peek at my new pHoto bLog!

Starting your own Business

Since the inflation rate is still unpredictable and the oil prices are still high, people now a days should find ways on how they can be able to get income from other sources. By this I mean not just any extra additional income but an income generating business that can support their family in the long run.

I personally think that starting your own business is not that easy. Aside from the fact that your money is involved, there are tons of risks that you have to take into account before you decide to push through to whatever business you want. For those who did not take any business related course like me, venturing into business is even more riskier.

It's good that we have the internet though to help us research on how to effectively start a business. Now, getting business tips and tricks is free and only one click away.

Before you decide to engage in a business opportunity, I'd like to share with you some business tips that might help you become a successful business man:

1. Engage in a business that you love. Example: If cooking and eating is your passion, then a restaurant might just be the right one for you.
2. Always think big but make sure that it's achievable and not beyond your reach.
3. Check the latest trend and find ways to creatively advertise your business.
4. When you are already into the business, always keep track of all your assets and liabilities. The three financial score cards (Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and Cash Flow Statement) should always be maintained. If you're not familiar with these, then better start downloading an Accounting tutorial video to help you.
5. Above all, pray and ask for His guidance.

God bless on your business venture!

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