My new found hobby..

Taking pictures! I've enjoyed doing this for quite some time now but never really had the chance to buy a good camera. Anyhow, now that I have a digital camera along with me, i'll try to show you how I see things my way.=)

Take a peek at my new pHoto bLog!

Missy's Check up day & another fun day for the kids at Dave's!

Missy and CJ sooooo loves playing at Dave's Fun House. I guess i could say we're one of their regular customers already. It was an unplanned family day actually. What we were aimed to do was have Missy checked up for her diarrhea. She's been having wet poops more or less 7 times a day for almost a week now which really bothers me a lot.

What I didn't like though was that we came in the clinic a bit late so what just happened was some Qs, recommendations, and prescriptions from the Pedia. No stool test was done since the Pedia said it takes about 30-45 mins for the results and we still need to wait for Missy to do her ritual poop. I took half day leave from work just to have Missy's stool tested (plus of course have her consulted with a Pedia) but when I arrived home, our nanny said Missy just fell asleep a few minutes before we came in..which explains why we were late. Sayang.. Oh well, at least we've learned from the Pedia that her case doesn't look that bad because her poop doesn't have blood streaks, she doesn't look dehydrated, and she doesn't look weak either.

The doctor prescribed 3 medicines. One is a food suppliment Prozinc syrup which she mentioned will boost the good bacterias. Another is Protexin, powder in sachet, that needs to be diluted Missy's milk. And lastly, Pedialite to restore the electrolytes that gets lost every time she poops.

I've already given her medication last night and so far I'm seeing positive results. For the last three days Missy has been getting up as early as 4am crying and telling me or her nanny that she has just pooped and needs to be washed. That again happens around 8am. But after giving her medication last night, we were all able to have a good sleep.=)

After the checkup we left Missy and CJ to play with their nanny at Dave's Funhouse while me and hubby did the grocery and bills payments. It's nice that our malls are convenient nowadays;)

Below are some picture we had yesterday. Hope you enjoy browsing=)

CJ trying to use the little tykes vacuum cleaner=)

Missy trying on the kiddie boots

CJ wanting to ride the cute train

Ate Missy riding a cute yellow truck toy

A beautiful smile from my CJ while i was paying at the counter

Ate Missy's way of saying thanks to her dad=)

My cuties and me=)

still some more pics while waiting for dad to pick us up. cj look at the cam!=)

I told you she doesn't look like she's sick! lol=))

For those who are interested to go to Dave's Funhouse, their latest effective rates are as follows:
Weekdays : P160.00 per hour (kid)
P 60.00 per 30mins extension
Weekends: P185.00 per hour (kid)

**I didn't notice how much the extension cost is during weekends but i think it's still 60php. A pair of socks cost Php25.00 so don't forget to have your kids and their nannies/guardian wear one. We always go to Market!Market! branch but as per the lady at the counter, they have branches daw in most SM malls. Hope this note helps other moms out there;)

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  1. I love bringing my kids to the playhouse when we go malling. It gives me at least time to get rest while they are playing.... You got nice pics huh!


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