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Proud Milestones of my daughters as of Today

For the past few days I noticed that my youngest has already started practicing on her jump. She smiles and gets thrilled every time she sees her sister jump up and down. And she looks so cute when she attempts to do it because her feet don’t really get off the ground yet. Lol:) My hubby said that he saw her lift up her feet off the ground a few centimeters high when she attempted to jump from the bed. But I didn’t see it so I won’t count that yet. Haha. Anyway, I hope I get to take a shot of this new milestone that she’s learning within the week.

Here are some funny things that CJ can do at age 1 yr and 1.5months olds:

1. Knows how to bless (part of our Filipino culture, a sign of respect for elders)
2. Dances when you say dance
3. Says up when she tries to stand up
4. Dances and imitates some of our actions when I, her dad, and her sister sing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and I have two hands.
5. Brushes her teeth on her own
6. Climbs on the sofa and toy box
7. Playfully turns off the television and laughs or grins when you try to scold her
8. Asks you to carry her on your back by tapping your back when she sees you kneel down.

And here’s what big sister Missy can do at age 2 yrs and 4 months old:

1. Can sing action songs like Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star; I have two hands;
2. Can sing A-B-C, not yet perfected but tries her best to finish the tune:)
3. Greets good morning in the morning and good night before going to bed
4. Knows how to say thanks or thank you when given something
5. Knows how to say you’re welcome when you say thank you
6. Enjoys playing with other kids
7. Says hi and hello to everyone she meets (even to strangers!).
8. Answers you with yes, no, and okay.
9. Says I’m sorry when she has a fault
10. Says it’s okay when you say sorry to her or when she sees that you’re sad
11. Interacts and imitates the song or actions she sees on television
12. Knows colors, shapes, and numbers very well
13. Know some of the animals though sometimes she still associates rabbits with cats. Lol:)
14. Forces to wake up her dad when I tell her too:)
15. Enjoys eating solids and seldom requests for milk once she’s asleep

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