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Tips on how to get your dream home

A lot of people have been asking what we did to achieve our dream home. The thought of buying a house actually started when we saw one of our friend on a photo with their new home. We never realized that we could actually have our home at early 30’s but since our friend was able to achieve that goal, we said, why don’t we also give it a try.  So I called up my friend, congratulated and then asked her where they got their home. She gave me her sales agent’s number and I called up this agent who then gave us a tour at Antel.  Tip no. 1, don’t think you can’t buy a house yet, even at a young age, unless you’ve tried checking the housing rates/options against your financial capacity.

We immediately fell in love with the place. We decided to buy a lot after that meeting. As per their agent, down payment of 10% will be payable in 18months with 0% interest. The rest could either be paid via their in-house financing scheme in 5 years (not a good choice) or through bank, loanable amount to be paid at max 20 years.

When the completion date of our down payment came to a close, we started thinking about our possible options. We could either sell the lot and then just work and migrate in another country (no one we knew was interested to buy our lot at that time), just settle the rest through bank and then find a construction team to build our home (stressful choice for us since it is not easy to find a trustworthy construction company unless you know of someone reliable who can vouch for them), or change our plan from buying just the lot into a house and lot (our choice). Tip no. 2, once you have found an option that fits your budget, do not hesitate to go for it!

With our chosen option, we had to complete 20% down payment of the total house and lot cost after the 18th month payment is done (scheduled last month payment of the 10% down payment for lot only) so they may begin the house construction. We complied and after the long wait of document processing, which took them about 3-4months, they started constructing our home following our chosen model unit. We got our housing loan from Metro Bank, the bank which is somewhat affiliated to Antel Corp. Tip no. 3, as much as possible get a bank that is affiliated with your construction company for smooth transaction.

As soon as the house construction began, we made it a point to follow-up with them once in a while so we would always be informed about the status of our home. As per Antel’s project plan, the construction of our home would take about 6-8 months. And true to what they said, the house did get finished in exactly 8 months’ time, just enough time for us to move in and enroll our kids to their new school. Tip no. 4, if you have kids, make sure your chosen home is located near a good school and completion/turn over date is scheduled during school break. Other establishments such as church, police station, hospital, wet market, and the mall should also be near the vicinity of your home. Thank God our home is just a few distance away from those that I have mentioned above. ☺

We never thought that we would be able to have our dream home this soon but through God’s help and love, we did! Tip no. 5, most importantly, always pray and seek God’s assistance in guiding you to the right path in every decision and action you make in life. ☺

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