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The Big “C” Strikes Our Family

I don’t know if it’s just me who notices this, but it looks like the dreaded “C” (cancer) has been affecting more and more individuals these days. Sadly, my mom is one of those.

My mom noticed the early signs of “C” last summer. We went to the hospital to have her mammogram but I advised her not to undergo biopsy first because it might just me a normal cyst. We agreed that in case the cyst would grow, she would undergo the biopsy--> wrong move! I did not realize that even on this situation, my mom would still be selfless and weak when it comes to herself. Every time I check on her to ask how she was doing and how her cyst looked, she would always say it looks normal. Doesn’t look like it’s growing. However the real situation is this - it has continuously grown little by little, she was afraid to undergo biopsy, she is afraid of the expense it may cause us. When we had on our regular holiday break last December, I was sooo shocked when I saw her cyst. The little calamansi sized bumped already grew into a hard lemon fruit . L It was so devastating.

They found Dr. Robin Navarro, who they said have cured a lot of “C” patients and thank God is just almost an hour away from my parents’ place. It may sound odd but this doctor promises that “C” can be cured by eating lots of bulalo and 6 half boiled native eggs a day. Of course he also prescribed some medicines buy the idea just sounds skeptical. On her first consultation, the doctor mentioned to my dad and aunties that my mom’s condition is critical and that he is not sure if his medication will work on her since 90-95% of his patients who got cured were those that had internal “C” (liver, lungs, etc.). Again, this was another devastating news for the family. All we could do was pray that my mom would be healed by God through this doctor.

It has been more than 6 months since that first consultation and so far the doctor’s medication seems to be working. Praise God! It will be a forever journey for my mom and for all of us but we will continue to support her in every step of the way. Your prayers will help too!

BTW,  hubby and I have pledged that a portion of our earning from every catered events will go to my mom’s medication. So to our clients and upcoming future clients from our business, thank you for your support! J

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