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Party Planning on a Budget

Here we go again with another birthday preparation. September 18 marks CJ’s 7th birthday. I no longer have enough time to begin the prep as early as I would have wanted to because we are putting lots of thoughts on our budget. Since we recently moved to our new home (will create a separate post for this blessing) and we are consistently helping our mom sustain her medicines (again, this deserves its’ own post), budget is always a big factor these days.

We normally spend a good amount of money for our kids’ parties. But with the above situation, I told myself that will try my best to limit the budget to only 30k or less.

We have so far decided to have the birthday venue at a local fast food restaurant, Jollibee. Why Jollibee you might ask? (1)They always have the best party hosts around and program will always include a cute dance number with Jollibee and the crews, (2) the venue is just near our home, (3) everyone especially the kids love their food, (4) and they do not require corkage fees in case you would like to bring in side entertainments such as the photo both and dessert table. With that, venue, food, and party host are already checked.

I would not want to spend much on decors this time due to budget constraints so I am very particular about having the decors setup on the stage area only. I have already gotten in touch with an event stylist who is very accommodating and willing to do my requests. Seems that she would be able to deliver my expectations. Décor now checked.

Next, the dessert and cakes – yes you read that right, the birthday girl requested cake with a capital S lol.. Our dessert will always be showcased on our parties – so, of course, this is checked. I have already envisioned how the dessert table would look like. I’ve listed what sweet treats to include on her birthday party. So far it looks like we won’t go over the budget.

I wanted to hire Jive as additional entertainment on her party. However thinking about the cost and considering that Jollibee + crews will also be dancing, I think we could defer this for another party.  But we’re planning to add Twirly on the mascot since CJ has a Twirly stuffed toy that she always plays with. So having this additional mascot on her party would definitely make her big day extra special.

By the way, the SSD, invites, and thank you labels are ready! Here’s they are :)

My next project would be the backdrop for her dessert table. J

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