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What do you do when your baby has fever?

My eldest daughter, Missy, got fever just this weekend. And I really got so worried coz her temperature went up to as high as 40c! What’s worse is that she keeps on crying every time she wakes up which I think is due to dizziness or headache. Another thing that makes it worst is that she almost doesn’t want to eat! Is this really normal for a turning two year old baby? She’ll be having her second birthday this coming Thursday. I hope she gets well soon in time for her big day. I do not want to see her feel bad or look sad on that day.

To share, here is what I’m doing to help her get well soon.
1. Instead on giving her normal dose of Vitamin C, I add half more dose after 12 hours. I’ve read somewhere that it’s okay to give more than the normal dose of Vitamin C since this vitamin can easily get out of your system thru the urine.
2. I always check on her temperature and wipe her forehead, neck, armpits, and feet with cloth pre-soaked in cold water and alcohol. My MIL advised me to do this to help lower down her fever. Of course Tempra is also there to assist.
3. I do what she pleases just to refrain her from crying. Missy has a tendency of throwing up when she cries reason why I have to do this. Like I mentioned above, she almost doesn’t eat.
4. And lastly, to sustain her vitamins and mineral insufficiency due to her lack of food intake, I give her vitamins. I’ve always been trying to make her eat food but all she wants right now is milk, milk, and more milk.
5. I am heading to the drug store in a moment to buy what her Pedia has subscribed to her. Since she doesn’t eat well, her Pedia prescribed her a capsule which will be added to her milk. Her doctor mentioned that this will make her eat more. I don’t know how but I am excited to see my baby crave for food.

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