My new found hobby..

Taking pictures! I've enjoyed doing this for quite some time now but never really had the chance to buy a good camera. Anyhow, now that I have a digital camera along with me, i'll try to show you how I see things my way.=)

Take a peek at my new pHoto bLog!

Happy Easter!=)

Finally done doing church visits "bisita iglesia" today. We were supposed to do this yesterday but was terribly not in a good condition(until today actually) due to colds, body aches, and minor coughs.. Anyway, church visits on holy week is like my hubby's (and his family's) yearly holy week religious tradition (or culture?). I and hubby do not have the same religion and we do respect our religion differences. So long as we're both christians and are believing in the same God.=) But I do so much appreciate this panata they do. It's like sacrificing a little.. being one with Jesus's sacrifice and sufferings for us.. a way to reminisce and thank the Lord for redeeming us from our sins and giving us the greatest gift of salvation.

Going back, we went to these parish churches yesterday and today( in order of visit).
1. Minor Basilica of the Black Nazarene (Quiapo Church), Manila

2. Sanctuario de San Antonio Parish, McKinley Rd. Makati City
3. Our Lady of Loreto Parish Church, Manila
4. St. Anthony Parish Church, Manila
5. Basilica de San Sebastian, Manila
6. Shrine of Jesus Paris, Manila
7. Our Lady of Monserrat (San Beda Church), Manila
8. St. Jude Church, Manila
9. Santisimo Rosario Parish (UST), Manila
10.Sto. Domingo Church, Quezon City
11. Holy Family Parish, Quezon City
12. Christ the King Church, Quezon City
13. Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Shrine, Quezon City
14. Shrine of Mary, Queen of Peace (Edsa Shrine), Quezon City

Now looking forward to Easter Sunday! ;-) Thank you Lord!

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