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Taking pictures! I've enjoyed doing this for quite some time now but never really had the chance to buy a good camera. Anyhow, now that I have a digital camera along with me, i'll try to show you how I see things my way.=)

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My 2yr old's First Dental Visit

For a couple of days last week our CJ had trouble eating and drinking milk and was experiencing recurring fever. A few days after that I noticed that her mouth was emitting an unusual foul smell so with that we decided to schedule a visit to a Pedia Dentist.

We were lucky to know Dr. Jay from a couple of network friends at n@wie. Since his clinic (Tooth Fairy Dental Clinic) is just located in Makati City and several moms are raving about how good he is, we decided to give him a try.

When I called him up he requested us to get a panoramic xray of Cj's teeth so that he would be able to identify which tooth should get the immediate help (which one would really need to be extracted). And so we went to Zen Dental Spa Clinic at the Fort for the panoramic xray a day

before we visit Tooth Fairy. Unfortunately, CJ doesn't was to cooperate with the procedure.
Well what do you expect from a 2-year old when she sees and hears this big machine turning around her head:( In the end, we were not able get a good shot of CJ's Panoramic X-ray. I commend Zen's Clinic though because they gladly returned the payment I made for that x-ray request (P800 pa rin yun.)

And so off we went to the dentist the next day with our two girls. The dentist was truly remarkable at his craft. He introduced the different dental equipment to CJ like they were toys. :))

For example, the dentist said that the tool that spurts out water is a water gun..
The tool that slurps the water or liquid inside your mouth is a magic wand because it instantly makes the water from the cup disappear.. Nice huh? While introducing his dental equipments he also lets Cj hold each of it so that she won't get scared of seeing these new tools.

However, even will all these lectures, Cj still got scared.. I guess it would be easier if Cj was much older. Because of Cj's refusing reaction the dentist had no choice but to do his plan b procedure. He called it the lap - to lap procedure wherein Cj would be sitting on my lap and her head would be on the dentist's lap.

The dentist saw her tooth problem after that procedure and advices that her four front teeth be extracted to prevent further infection on her mouth. He requested 5 different blood tests plus a certification from CJ's Pedia doctor before he could give a go signal with the tooth extraction.

The blood test procedure is another long story (they got almost 4cc of blood for this and it was not at all a good experience for us). We already have the results but still need to have it interpreted by the pedia. Hope everything will turn out okay. But I'm still hoping that we could save some of CJ's four front teeth.


  1. ano daw meron sa 4 front teeth that was causing the foul smell? :( wawa naman CJ.

  2. Nag-sisimula na raw po mag-infection. Ayaw kasi ipabrush ni cj yung upper four front teeth nya. Lagi niya iniiwas yung head niya pag binubrush ko siya dun:(

  3. such a cute girl. but what happens to here


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