My new found hobby..

Taking pictures! I've enjoyed doing this for quite some time now but never really had the chance to buy a good camera. Anyhow, now that I have a digital camera along with me, i'll try to show you how I see things my way.=)

Take a peek at my new pHoto bLog!

What's cookin for Christmas Eve=)

Lavishing Christmas decors are now seen on the main roads and malls of Metro Manila. With Christmas songs playing here and there, you could really feel that the most awaited time of the year is just around the corner!=)

This year's Christmas is extra special for our family. With my two naughty girls, who are now fully aware of what is happening around them, and my new 6-month old niece, whom I haven't seen in person since she was born, I am pretty sure that this will be one of the merriest day of our year.

So with that being said, allow me to share to you our initial menu for our Christmas Eve's family dinner party.
Those listed below have been edited to include hubby's suggestions.

Image credits : imagesaver1206 of photobucket

1. Bruschetta
- This is toasted baguette with cream cheese, diced shallots, chopped tomatoes, pepper, basil, and grated quick melt cheese.

2. Swiss fondue, Nachos, Sauteed Spiced Beef, and yummy Chipotle Salsa. I sooo love the how the jalapeno chillies spice up and give a rich taste to this salsa!

My two girls embracing and asking Santa for their gifts! lol

1. Roasted Chicken

- I'm using chicken because it's 80% cheaper than turkey. . I'm borrowing Ina Gartner's Recipe for this one. Recipe can be found here.

1. Cream of Dori Fillet with Butter and Lemon Sauce
- I'm borrowing Market Manila man's shared recipe for this.

2.Chicken Potato Salad
- I'm using elbow macaroni, mayo, potatoes, chicken, onions, celery, cheese, salt, and pepper to taste. I'm sure my girls and niece will enjoy eating this one!

3. Christmas Ham with fresh sliced tomatoes, lettuce, and cheese

1. Mango Cherry Choco Cream Parfait
- I'm using sliced fresh ripe mangoes, canned cherries, rice crispies, pecan, roasted slivered almonds, crushed graham, heavy whipped cream, and choco whipped cream, . How I really wish the mangos were strawberries..but sad to know that until this month strawberries are still out of season and it is primarily due to the destructive Pepeng typhoon that drowned and wiped all the ripe strawberries in La Trinidad, Benguet (where fresh and affordable strawberries are harvested)

2. Gingerbread cookies
- I'll be baking these yummy yuletide season cookies, cutting them into different shapes, and decorating each using red, green, white, and yellow royal icing & nonpareils, and adding some edible silver and gold beads. I can't wait to decorate these cookies together with my two daughters!

CJ looking exhausted from their hour pictorial at BUB. Will share our Christmas themed family picture next week!

3. Almond Choco Chip Biscotti
- I can never forget the taste of the Almond Choco Chip Biscotti from Deli France. It had a mild crunch and was amazingly flavorful! So happy I came across the smittenkitchen yesterday because she has posted an almond biscotti recipe on her blog. I'm trying out the recipe but i'll be adding bittersweet chocolate chips for more flavorful look and taste. Wish me luck! Planning to bake lots of these so I could share it with our relatives as Christmas present =)

I can't wait to start my cooking!=) Advance happy holidays!

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