My new found hobby..

Taking pictures! I've enjoyed doing this for quite some time now but never really had the chance to buy a good camera. Anyhow, now that I have a digital camera along with me, i'll try to show you how I see things my way.=)

Take a peek at my new pHoto bLog!

Dessert Station, Cupcake Tower, and Chocolate Foutain setup for Baby Gelo's Teddy Bears and Angels Themed Baptismal Celebration!

It was our first time to cater to a baptismal celebration as grand as baby Gelo's party. Am so grateful that mommy Sheila got her dessert station, chocolate fountain, and cupcake tower from us.=) With her orders, I was able to showcase some of our dessert products on one table. Also recently found out that she's a n@wie din pala. Next time may discount ang orders mo sis!

I made her cupcake toppers a few weeks ahead so that it will have enough time to dry and not break apart. I just now realized that it's not easily to make royal icing topper if it's not made on top of a cookie. I guess next time i resort with using cookie cupcake toppers.

Also, so happy that my mom and dad were home to help me assemble the boxes, put each cupcake on the boxes, and tie each box with ribbon. Grabe talaga next time i'll get extra help from my cuz and friends. Did not expect na talagang time consuming ang pagaassemble ng box. hehehe..
I was supposed to place the bouquet of flowers with Gelo's picture on top of the cupcake tower but since we used a 7 layer tower, i'm was not so sure if it'll be safe to place the bouquet since the flower pot was kinda heavy.
All the glass trays used by the dessert station are new and will be available for all our upcoming dessert station orders soon. In case you're interested to know more about this package.. cost is only based from what ever dessert you want to see on your dessert station plus additional P1,000 for the floral deco and rental fee of our glass trays.=)

I so enjoyed setting this dessert station table with my friend and kumare (who will be handling our Pampanga branch) who happened to drop by to see how we do our setup. Pasado na ba sa QA mare?hehehe

I also made 40 chocolate candie spoons for our client as additional request for their kiddie guests. Don't they look so cute?:)

Mommy Sheila got our chocolate fountain's Diamond Package. It would have looked more festive if we had a round and a bigger table. The caterer initially provided us a round table but since the the table kept on shaking and moving, we opted to use the available and more reliable mono-block square table instead.

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  1. What a beautiful cupcake tower and dessert presentation. Wow!!! That looks like a ton of work and it turned out beautiful!

  2. I totally agree mare. It could have been better if they provided a larger table to accomodate the chocolate fountain and the cupcakes as one dessert station. Anyway,it was fun setting up. I'm looking forward to opening our Pampanga branch...

    P.S. You can visit my site at

  3. Look beautiful, eye-catching and delicous cake,


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