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The Ondoy Tragedy

It is so heart breaking to know that the number of death caused by typhoon Ondoy has already reached 304 as of yesterday, September 29 (Report from Manila Bulletin).

My heart goes out for all those who were greatly affected by this "killer typhoon". A lot of homes, automobiles, appliances, that were built and bought through their hard earned money were all gone in an instant:(. A lot of individuals are mourning for the lost of their loved ones and a lot of families are still trapped in their homes and in dire need of help..

I have about 10 colleauges who are also affected by this tragedy. Some of them, are still in the evacuation centers. It saddens me to know that they are still there.. I hope they may all recover. If I only have a big home to offer for their shelter, I would offer it to them. But all I can do is donate a small amount of cash..

Thank God our home is located on the 3rd floor of a condominium. Our van and motorbike both got submerged on the flood. Thank God that both are now working fine.

here's hubby as he peek's at the back of our vehicle to search for important items that can still be save.

here's my hubby as he rescues the van's OR-CR and other important documents.

I also thank God that He made way for our clients to cancel their schedule with us.We were supposed to have four chocolate fountain events on that day. For some reason, these clients canceled their schedule with us. All cancellations happened a month ago, so I couldn't assume that the cancelation was made due to the coming Ondoy. I however was curious as to what was on that Sept 26 date that made all the clients cancel their schedule with us because it was my first time to have all 4 events canceled in a day . After the Ondoy came, I suddenly remembered all the canceled transactions and realized that God made that all those cancellation happen.. I kept on thanking God that He made a way for those events to not push through for us. I hope that those events were rescheduled though.. or if it did push through, I hope that our supposed-to-be-clients and all their guests who attended the events were all safe.

I'm still sad that a lot of Filipinos still need help. I do thank that our people are helping each other and working together to help rescue the victims. I am also grateful that governments, organizations, and individuals from all over the world are also hearing and reaching to our needs.

For those who still wish to help, you may send your check donations at the following:

Tax-deductible checks to:
1. Philippine Jesuit Foundation (for Ondoy-TYF)
236 West 27th Street
Ninth Floor New York
New York 10001

2. Any of the 64 LBC branches all over the U.S.A.
Address check to LBC (Ondoy-TYF)

Immediate remittance, but non tax-deductible checks to:
3. Tanging Yaman Foundation, Inc.
Metrobank SA (USD): 448-2-448000265- 3

1. Any LBC branch
Address check to LBC (Ondoy-TYF)

EUROPE: Spain & Italy
1. Any LBC branch
Address check to LBC (Ondoy-TYF)

ASIA: HK, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Taiwan, Australia, Taiwan
1. Any of the 56 LBC branches in Asia
Address check to LBC (Ondoy-TYF)

2. Tanging Yaman Foundation, Inc.
MetroBank SA (USD): 448-2-448000265- 3

1. Any of the 750 LBC branches
Address check to LBC (Ondoy-TYF)

2. Tanging Yaman Foundation, Inc.
Metrobank CA (PhP): 007-613-00046- 8
Metrobank SA (USD): 448-2-448000265- 3

You may also find a comprehensive list of donation centers from this online document.

Please continue to pray for the Ondoy victims and our country.

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