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Taking pictures! I've enjoyed doing this for quite some time now but never really had the chance to buy a good camera. Anyhow, now that I have a digital camera along with me, i'll try to show you how I see things my way.=)

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Dessert Station : A sweet treat for your guests :)

I feel too guilty for not being able to find time to update this blog as often as i want to. If you look at this blog's history, never will a month pass without me posting anything on it. Oh well, i'll try to revive this blog by starting with this first post for year 2011. =)

As some My Chocolate Heaven (MCH) fans know, we're already offering dessert bar setups as part of our mch products and services. The concept simply started when i realized that we can actually put all our dessert products together on one table.^_^ And since we already have TONS of competitors on our chocolate fountain business but just a few ones in the line of dessert bars/station, I knew that surely this would be a hit.

Am actually happy that our dessert bar setup has started flourishing in the market of party planners. Honestly, it's kinda difficult to compete with dessert bar suppliers because I only have the recipe books, the internet, my 20years of baking experience, and my God given talent and skills as resource. I so much want to go to a baking class to learn more baking and decorating
techniques. But my techie work on weekdays and our events on weekends might never permit me to do such.

So to make sure that we are not "kulelat" in this line, we always research about
a. what's new on the market,
b. how these desserts can be presented in a fab/chic way, and
c. which products prospective clients would love

To date, we are now offering these dessert treats below that clients can mix and match for their party's dessert station:

1. Chocolate fountain
2. Cakes (rectangular pan)
3. Miniature bundt cakes
4. Brownies and Fudge bars
5. Cookies
6. Parfaits (on shot glass)
7. Fruitie Jell-o's (on shot glass)
8. Fruits Exotiques au Ginemebre et au Miel (on shot glass)
9. Mini tarts
10.Gourmet mini donuts
11. Pastillas
12. Yemas
13. Pulvorons

We're still continuously researching and testing more dessert treats that we can include in this selection! I will actually be adding some 4 or 5 more dessert products on our dessert list above:)

Here are some dessert bars that we've already done so far.

Dessert Bar setup @ Villa Virginia Party Venue, Mandaluyong City

Dessert Bar setup @ The Rib Eye Steak House, Angeles City Pampanga

Dessert Bar setup @ The Corinthian Gardens Clubhouse, Mandaluyong City

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  1. YUM, that just made me hungry!Or should I say gave me sugar craving :)


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